Design and Budget

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At Hughes Building Systems we will discuss your expectations and walk you through the design and selection process, including our optional roofing systems, solid log profiles and timber frame trusses. We offer a number of home plans and floor plans for a variety of lifestyles and budgets. Our goal is to help you create your dream custom log or timber frame home that exceeds your expectations, making it an enjoyable experience in the process.

We appreciate how difficult it can be to fully understand the estimated overall construction costs of a home. There are numerous factors that contribute to the range of prices you will find and some are listed below.

Home location: Labor rates and access to labor, difficulty of site conditions, shipping costs, permitting and servicing fees are all factors.

Size of home: Economies of scale are a factor where a larger home can contribute to a lower cost per square foot based on some fixed costs that are now 
distributed over a larger footprint.

Design "Open to above": There is a cost to having soaring cathedral areas that contribute to volumes of cubic footage, not just square footage of floor areas.

Complexity of design: Implementing construction detailing that is less understood and cost effective on complex homes will often add cost.

Fit and Finish: The interior choices of finishing and detailing has a huge impact on overall construction costs, from floor coverings, light fixtures, cabinets, kitchen and bathroom fixtures and can dramatically affect price.

Full Turnkey: This estimate covers every aspect of constructing the home itself. It includes a fitted kitchen, fitted bathrooms, and installation of electricity and plumbing. It does not include components outside of the home such as blasting, retainage, well, septic, gas service, electrical service, and tap fees. These items must be calculated on a project-specific basis and would be additional to the total turnkey costs. The additional pricing will vary with the materials you choose.